NSS IO Committee


The Information on the website is wrong/outdated.
Contact the individual in your organization (grotto, survey, section, etc) who is responsible for completing the NSS IO Report each year. Have that individual log into the NSS IO system and update the information (information can be updated throughout the year). Once you update your information it is updated on the search pages immediately.

Each internal organization must submit an annual report each January, however you are encouraged to login to the NSS IO Database and submit any changes as they occur throughout the year. The NSS IO Database can be accessed here. You will need the IO number and password for your organization. Generally your organization's chairperson has this information.

How do I find more information about the NSS IO Committee?

More information about NSS IOs can be found here: http://www.caves.org/committee/i-o

Where do I send a question not addressed here?
The best way to contact the NSSIO Committee is through the feedback form.



Many questions are answered on the NSS IO Committee website or
Policy for Internal Organizations, as approved by the NSS Board of Governers.
Contact the NSS IO Committee
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